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What is Map my Pakistan?

Map My Pakistan is the first of its kind platform for GIS activity in the country. We welcome registered teams as well as the population at large to pin restaurants, houses, schools, colleges and any of your go-to everyday locations on the app anywhere throughout Pakistan. The data generated goes through a verification process which is eventually made available for public access.

The crowd sourcing activity encourages app users and potential app users to add locations (POIs or points of interest) on the app and join our team to achieve our objective of over 10 million POIs mapped on the country’s very own navigation app – something which is not possible without the people of Pakistan!


Build better maps through communities

Here’s how you can join the Map My Pakistan challenge

Competition Instructions: 

1. Download TPL Maps and login with your User-ID
2. Click on Add a Location
3. Fill out all the fields with the locations relevant information
4. The more locations you add, the higher chance of winning
5. Minimum requirement to be eligible is 700 POIs (points of interest or locations)
6. Stay tuned on our page Facebook page for a Leader Board update
7. Winners will be announced in May.