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What is Map my Pakistan?

Map My Pakistan is the first of its kind platform for GIS activity to be held in the whole of Pakistan. We welcome registered teams to pin restaurants, schools, colleges, places to visit etc location points anywhere throughout Pakistan. This year we will be able to produce the largest data collected by GIS experts that will eventually be made available for public access.

Are you ready to broaden your geospatial horizons?

Build better maps through communities

  1. Registerfor May My Pakistan account in the create account section
  2. Email us at tplmaps@tplholdings.comafter you have completed the registration steps
  3. Once you have your map creator account set, start your mapping contributions by downloading TPL Maps on your Android or IOS phones
  4. Collect and pinpoint Business Service POIs (Business Service POIs are all of the companies names within any office buildings), restaurants, schools, colleges, shops etc into Adda Location creator tool feature and just continue mapping, simply because of more POIs, more rewards!
  5. Stay tuned on our page for a Leader Board update
  6. Winner will be announced at the end of next week

Create your account to add location

We believe that there is a need for an independent and neutral provider of POIs located throughout Pakistan to broaden our geo locations through marked routes, images and street vision. Go out and make a difference, using the phone you have in your pocket every day. Together we can visualise the whole world in images.